Creating the product value for clients Upgrading the quality of life for the team
Creating the product value for clients,
Upgrading the quality of life for the team.

PROWIN PLASTECH values each client
to create wealth with commitment !

Prowin Plastech was founded in 2007. The main products are engineering plastic composites. Over 80% of the raw materials are green materials consist of recycled synthetic fiber, recycled textile materials and biodegradable plastics such as Polylactic Acid (PLA). The raw materials are widely used in life, including Automobiles, motorbikes, bicycle parts, sporting goods, Office Accessory, hand tools, eco-friendly wood-plastic composites, and even Air soft ball bullet used in the survival games.

The business has been run with the motto of Firm Management and Contented Customer since the founding. We give priority to create profit for each client that has given us the order each time. Our vision is to help clients create product value and to be the key profit provider for clients. Our mission is to upgrade the quality of life for the team. We can regenerate a new future for the world hand in hand.

Prowin Plastech

Vision And Mission

Vision: The robust high molecular polymer team is built by integrating the third party makers for product value creation for clients.


  • Focus on recycling technology updating and green material application to reinforce the utilizing both of recycling and green plastic material in high value and existence
  • With the full customized technology and service motto, we are the key profit provider of each client by offering clients the long-term trusted quality and capacity.

Mission: All efforts are invested for continuous betterment to shape the excellent corporate culture and to upgrade the quality of life for the team.


  • Upgrading the quality of life for the team makes the team more competent and intelligent. Committed to eco friendliness and environmental protection.

Vision and Mission