Guiding you to find creative solutions

PROWIN PLASTECH customizes your exclusive
solution with the services as follows:

  • Consultation for plastics and composites, including choosing and its applications
  • Consultation for conditions of injection molding
  • Consultation for Mold and its products design
  • Development for special or functional composites
  • Color matching and dyeing processing for plastics and composites

Production Equipment

Coperion Twin Screw Extrusion Machine

Precision Compounding process enhances Engineering Plastic Property to the highest level, High production efficiency to ensure stable delivery time.

K-Tron Swiss precision loss-in-weight machine

precision feeding control to ensure that the material is well mixed.

High-density filter recycling granulator

high-pressure extrusion through high-density filter and constant temperature production process to ensure that the color of recycled granulation is stable, no impurities nor the black spots.


All the company's product inspection equipment are subject to ISO quality control system on a regular basis to verify that the physical properties of products show accurately.


The best quality requires the highest standards of verification, and that is exactly our guarantee and commitment to customers.